My wonderful evening

Spent a wonderful night with one of my truest friends, Elizabeth. (Check her out at RememberElizabeth). She is an incredibly talented photographer and artist. I really missed having her around. It amazes me why I tend to forget those that matter most in my life. She’s always been one of them. I am the person who makes plans, but never follows through. It’s not a habit that I am proud of.  I get some weird anxiety right before, and I always bail. It’s something I am trying to work on in my life. It has become recent (the past year). I used to be a very extroverted person. I would gain my energy from being around those that I loved, but somedays I just can’t do it. I mostly gain my energy nowadays from being alone.  I love being by myself—reading and writing, curling up in a bawl, getting lost in my own head. I find that what really drives me away from people is usually their insecurities that I can sense or my own. I really missed her, so I pushed myself tonight to see her, and it was so worth it. She was hosting an art and dinner party. It was amazing talking with everyone again, and having my views challenged. It’s not something I get because I am constantly in my own head. Our art party turned more in a conversation party (which I am all for.) My one goal is to balance out my time a little bit more. I need to be spending more time with the people that mean something to me instead of letting my fears take over and drive me away from the situation. I always love learning something new, I simply need to give myself the chance. Always, this is becoming a rant. How are all my wonderfuls? I head back to Boulder tomorrow which I am not excited for. I feel like this break was too short. I think i was over-ambitious on what I wanted to accomplish, or perhaps a little too lazy… goodnight, my friends.